Pauline has been an avid doodler and painter for over twenty five years, but settled in her teenage years, on pastels and watercolours as her main mediums. Due to an unsuccessful operation in the late nineties she was left without the use of her left hand. Her writing and painting hand. She never gave up on her love of art, but found watercolours and pastels too inflexible, and as she tried to teach herself to paint again with her right hand, acrylics seemed more forgiving. Stretched canvases were too bouncy for her new enquiring touch, but then a dear friend, and a wonderful artist, Mr Leslie Harris advised her to try canvas boards. After a tentative try at a self portrait, then “The Lady in Blue”, everything clicked and she hasn’t looked back, or stopped painting since.

Her style has changed dramatically, and acrylic is now the medium she loves, for its intensity of strokes and mostly for her exciting ongoing trials at being less structured in her uses of colour and form. Painting is something that relaxes and fulfills Pik, but also takes her away from her everyday life living with the constant pain of CRPS.

Please follow this link to support the research into this condition.

Email : pik@pikart.co.uk

Pik Photo

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